Fasttrack in the Way!

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Recently re-added a fasttrack controller to my system, which previously booted from my SCSI controller (I have 4gb Scsi Drive). Now the system sees the Fasttrack bios ok, (I have 2 x 10gb drives on the Fasttrack hooked up on the same channel, not formmated yet) gets to the scsi bios checks that ok, then i expect the system to boot into NT as normal from the scsi drive but instead get the message "Not found any [active partition] in HDD". It seems its trying to boot from the Fasttrack drives, is it possible to switch off the * indicating the Fasttrack drive(s) are not bootable drives. I've already tried repositioning the cards in the system in case its a PCI slot priority thing. When the Fasttrack is removed from the system all is fine. The fasttrack is running bios 1.06 build2.

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I think this might be to do with the order the PC BIOS looks for devices, it starts with IDE and ends with SCSI.

Even though the IDE drives are not formatted check to see if either has been fdisked to give an active partition, also I don't know fast track details but is there an option to make that controller non bootable?

Lastly go into the PC BIOS set up and see if there is an option to boot from scsi (available on quite a few motherboards).

Good luck