Final Cut Pro 3

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Is FCP3 a software any person uses. If so i have this software with 6 tutorials and several books on this software. Willing to sell the lot for a reasonable price.
Would make a wonderful Christmas present for any person wishing to learn this software.
I only asked the above question as AMAZON are advertising this software in America for $900.00 dollars. So i guess there must still be a market for this software.
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Re: Final Cut Pro 3
Final Cut Pro 3 is well out of date, I'm guessing you mean FCS3 - Final Cut Studio 3 (or Final Cut Pro 7 as it's also known) either the full version or the v7 upgrade version from v6 is worth a lot of money to the right person and advertised in the right place, established FCP edit houses are crying out for more legit serial numbers, Creative Cow Classified would be a good start, but FCP3 is worthless.

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