Firewire card & Notebooks

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For months now, I have been puzzled with the following problem of writing digital video back to tape using a notebook.
The camera I am using is SONY's TRV19 which is DV-IN enabled by default. The notebook I am using to capture and edit DV is the ACER Travelmate 613 (1GHz, 20 GB HD, Pentium III, Intel 815EM chipset). It has no internal Firewire port, so I am using a PCMCIA firewire card, which is Pyro's ADS Firewire card for notebooks.
Capturing is no problem, but exporting the AVI back to tape simply doesn't work.
I tried really everything to sort out the problem but so far no success.

In a nutshell, these are all steps I have been taken so far, without any result however:

1) I tried several video editing software programs (Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle, Ulead, DVIO, etc.)
2) I tried several other Firewire cards (Adaptec Fireconnect for Notebooks, Pinnacle Studio Mobile Firewire card)
3) I tried another Firewire cable
4) I tried the Firewire card on several other laptops (Toshiba, ASUS, Compaq)
5) The problem seems independent of OS (Win XP, Win 2000, Win Me)
6) I tried updating drivers for the Pyro Fireiwre card, the SONY camera, the ACER laptop, BIOS
7) I tried to change PCI latency of the graphics board
8) Updated DirectX and defragmented the harddisk

Writing back to tape works when I am using a desktop with built-in Firewire port, so the camera cannot be the culprit.
The weird thing is that an a ACER Travelmate 420 which has both a built-in Firewire port as well as PCMCIA slots, exporting to tape does work when I am using the integrated Firewire port, but NOT when I am using the Pyro ADS Firewire card through the PCMCIA slot.

This problem is driving me crazy.

Is there anyone who has any idea of what is going wrong here?


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Hi Jan,
sorry i can't help with your problem but i wondered if you can help with mine.
Iam about to buy an Acer aspire 1705 smi notebook & was wondering how you get on with yours for editing video.
I have premier pro & pinnacle studio 9 do these run ok? Do you have any problems with editing on a notebook?
Thanks for any help,