Firewire Drives - daisy chained or separate ports?

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Hi Folks,
I recently bought a couple of External Firewire enclosures, one for my 250 gb new video drive and one to stick my old 40gb ex-system disc in since I upgraded it to a 120gb.
I connected them one at a time and they were recognised immediately on Partition Magic and formatted NTFS, no trouble.
However, whenever I switched them both on together, the PC only picked up the last one switched on.
Very strange I thought. But I had them connected on the same firewire card but on different ports. (I've got lots of firewire ports, even though I don't need them because I bought a second f/w card a while back when I thought my first had gone u/s, but it turned out to be something else and I left the extra card in the PC).
Anyway, I decided to daisy-chain the drives instead. Everything works perfectly, you can switch them on and off with impunity (provided you "stop" them of course) and both drives are recognised whatever order you switch them on.
Although I've got round this issue, as an engineer you always have that curiosity streak and I'd like to know the scientific explanation.
Any ideas please?

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personal findings: drives don't mind being daisy chained.

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Same results here, mine are all daisy changed and no problems.

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My Lacie firewire drives are chained and one or both fail to appear sometimes.

All I need to do is visit the control panel (the offending drive is shown yellowed out) - choose un-install & then scan for hardware changes.

Drive re-appears happy every time.