Firewire External Western Digital or Lacie?

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I am about to purchase (For a Community Volunteer Group) some Firewire external Hard Drives to archive DV edited recordings of local events.
I have a preference for Western Digital, as all my personal H/Ds are of this brand and are performing fine (He says, touching wood).
I would appreciate any comments and/or advice before I take the plunge.

Many thanks in anticipation, Vern.

Western Digital - External 250GB, FireWire & USB, 7200 RPM, 8 MB cache, Media Center, UK plug. £140.61 from Amazon.

Western Digital USB2.0/Firewire 320GB 8MB Dual Option Media Center
£149.95 from Komplette UK

Lacie P3 model 250GB 7200rpm Ext Firewire. £105.67 from Saverstore

Lacie D2 Extreme II 3.5" 300 GB USB 2.0/FireWire 400/FireWire 800 (300791) £155.90 from Pixmania

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I only think it fair to tell you that i am having a minor problem with a WD disk.

sata , internal , 160GB

completely faulty , to such a degree that the error code cannot be retrieved from it.
no error code ..... no replacement ...... company i bought it from are waiting for WD to replace it ......

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I now have SIX Lacie external drives of varying sizes (120GB, 300GB, 3 x 320GB & 500GB) - all are the D2 design.

They've all worked faultlessly - the oldest (120GB) is the real workhorse with almost daily use for well over 2 years including a weekly back-up of all my business files.

All but the 120GB drive are triple interface - USB2, Firewire 400/800 - but it's always suited me to only ever connect them up via USB2. They've proved totally reliable for archive, video capture, editing and authoring to DVD.

I really like the flexibility of keeping a video project on an external drive and being able to switch between using my desktop and laptop to work on it depending on what other needs I have at the time.

Why six? I took the decision sometime ago that the relatively modest cost of a Lacie drive was well worth while to keep my clients' various projects always on tap. Each project rarely goes beyond 30GB so the £150-£190 cost of a drive split between 8 to 10 clients is negligble.

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I'll certainly second the LaCie suggestion, since I've just ordered some more from Amazon, having been very pleased with the ones I have already...


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I have Maxtor 200g & 250g OneTouch drives which have prooved extremely reliable to date.

Barry Hunter

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Have two Gericom External HD's. Been excellent since purcahsed. Bought from ALDI at much less than the prices quoted above, trouble is they are only available at certain times.


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