Firmware on HD interface card

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I have a WD3200JB Caviar hard drive (IDE) that recently failed in a Vista based PC.
The HD didn’t seem to spin up, and smelt of burning.

This is on a Silicon Image (PCI) 133ATA controller card, on an Asus PL5 motherboard, with SATA Primary and Secondary HDs.

It is not visible within Vista - Explorer / Device Manager > Drives or Active@File Recovery.

On trying it in a XP machine it is not shown in the bios.

I unscrewed the Torq screws and removed the interface card, discovering a burnt out chip.
Deciding that is the problem, and as I have an identical WD drive – including the interface (2060-701314-003. REV A), I swapped cards - to see if it could revive it – as there are a couple of (un-backed up - BIG OOPS!) files that I need access to before it is returned.

On XP it now comes up as ROM Buccaneer 08.05J08 in the bios - Which obviously it is not.
Then the error message; primary slave HD fail > Press F1 to continue - then windows does not install it.

With Vista, it is not reported in “explorer” but is visible with my version of Active@File BUT now it is reported - with incorrect capacity, AND as the SCSI “Buccaneer” drive.

So this takes me to the firmware version. Would it be possible to “flash” this to the code on the working interface?

Has anyone any more ideas about this?