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Dr Zak
Joined: Aug 30 2005

Hi Everyone,

I still use on old Pioneer A05 DVD writer and it is working ok (touch wood)

As x4 Discs are now getting very hard to come by I have had to move to x8

and the best on the market would appear to be Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x Full-Face Printable

They are expensive but appear to be faultless.

However, on the lid of the DVD's it states that they are not suitable for drives that do not comply with the new DVD-R specifications.

I did check with SVP before buying and they said they would work fine with my Pioneer A05- also on their information page they talk about something called firmware, I took a look but was lost I'm afraid.

So can anyone tell me please if these discs are suitable - after all - I only burn the master copy on the Pioneer A05, all copies are Burnt on my new Ascard copier which has a Pioneer A012 plus Asus Quick track.

Hope this all makes some sense?



Gavin Gration
Joined: Jul 29 1999

Don't worry - it'll work fine - the A05 was always OK.

See below:-

LONG BEACH -- As the DVD Forum releases the specifications for new high-speed discs for DVD recording, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. announces that many of its DVD-R/RW computer drives and DVD recorders will require a firmware update in order to avoid potential damage to the units and discs. The update process is free and relatively simple, and it is extremely important for owners of these products to make sure it is completed prior to using any new high-speed discs for recording.

The DVD Forum has established new standards for high-speed recordable discs (4X for DVD-R and 2X for DVD-RW). Various media manufacturers have begun production of these discs that will soon be available in the marketplace. The source of the problem is a firmware "bug" in certain Pioneer DVD-R/RW recorders and drives, and not with the high-speed media itself. As a result, use of the new high-speed discs for recording on these particular Pioneer products may cause damage to both the loaded disc and to the drive/recorder. The following drives and recorders may be affected:

* Pioneer DVR-7000 DVD recorder
* Pioneer PRV-9000 Professional DVD recorder
* Pioneer DVR-A03 computer drive
* Pioneer DVR-103 computer drive
* Pioneer DVR-A04 computer drive
* Pioneer DVR-104 computer drive

In addition to the above models, certain OEM computer systems containing Pioneer-manufactured DVD-R/RW drives are affected.

Anyone who owns or uses any of the above-listed products should conduct the free firmware update immediately, prior to using the new high-speed media.

Dr Zak
Joined: Aug 30 2005
Thanks Gavin

That really is a load off my mind.