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I'm sorry if this is a little off topic, I hope not as it is data storage.
I've been having a look at USB Flash Drives. Rather than burning an RW CD, could a flash drive be used for back up of items on a hard drive?
Note I am not talking of large backup amounts. What i am thinking of is stored photos only. A 2 Gig f/drive would be more than ample.
The only point that concerns me is how long the f/drive could reliably store the data? How often would the data have to be cleared and re-saved, if at all? And of course anything else I haven't thought of.
Many thanks for any responses.

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I don’t think I would bother with a flash / thumb drive to store images. Because in a very short time it would fill up.

I would use a USB2 H/D enclosure along with an H/drive.
If it is physical size that you are concerned with, you can always get a pocket-sized 2.5” notebook drive, these in turn are generally powered from the USB socket - reducing the size.

These will enable lots more photos to be stored, and in the long run might be more reliable - or certainly useful.

OR you could use a derivative like a device, such as a personal viewer, which will also display your images, and also copy the contents of memory cards too.

I use flash/thumb drives a lot to go to internet cafes.
I have also used a SD card in a dedicated reader before too. I have never lost any data through dropping. rough treatment or mishandling - as it is solid state - there are no movable parts to break - Look now you have made me successfully argue against H/Drives!

My current drive is a 2gb Sandisk Cruzer with U3 technology - which I highly recommend.

Hope this is of some use


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Thanks Willow.
Just what I needed on the nose.