Flashing between scenes

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I have only recently started using my DV Now AV and I’m having picture quality problems.

I'm importing PAL S-VHS from a Panasonic AG4700 VCR.

I record 4 continuous minutes of Video.

When I play the clip frame by frame in the Mark editor I noticed color problems between about 40 % of the scenes. The first frame(s) is gray (no color) or has green coloring in it. I even have some where the last frame of the previous scene appears once AFTER the first frame of the next scene appeared.

When I display the original video on my TV it looks fine.
(The VCR allows me to look at it frame by frame and it looks like when I have a Black frame between scenes I get the color problems)
I also tried other tapes – same problem.

So it looks to me as if the source video is fine but FF is creating these problems.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


My System Specs:
P4 1.8
512meg ram
80 Gig 7200rpm drive

Software Specs:
OS : XP Pro (all the latest patches)
FF version 1.75 (Build 264)
Premiere Version (6.02)

Some Fast Forward Settings are:
Layout Settings
Show Status While Playing: OFF

Module Settings
Sound System
Windows Sound System: OFF
Smooth Audio Cuts: ON
(I tried OFF - No difference)

Output Options
Analog Output
(I also tried Both Outputs - No difference)

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