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Had another lengthly session with my FX1 today - I tried her out in auto mode quite a bit - and at the risk of being shot - I'd like to say I found a better picture than I did in the manual set up.

Now I know the sensible thing to think would be that I can't set up the camera properly - thus sub par results - but I don't think thats the case.

I just found that in auto mode the picture had a more 'honest' vibe - perhaps a slight tint of blue. It was the closest thing to 'film like' I have found on the FX1 yet.


Alan Roberts
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I think you'll find, when you get more used to it, that manual control will give beter and more consistent results. Auto's fine when you're not used to kit, but your skill should be in the manipulation of your kit, not in using the kit's manipulation of the scene.

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