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For general information:
Evidently both Adobe Premiere 6 and DVNowAV benefit greatly from an additional DirectX8.0a update called the Video Capture Update:

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Can you tell us in what way it is a benefit to Premiere 6.0 and AV?

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I'm afraid I cannot - I'm simply believing Microsoft on their DirectX page claiming improvements to Premiere 6 and OHCI-compliant 1394 controllers (such as DVNowAV).
I've recently changed four things (all at once due to time constraints) to my system:

-upgraded from win98se to win2000pro
-now using FF1.7beta from FF1.6(224)
-Premiere6 from Premiere5.1
-DirectX 8.0 Video Capture Update

I`ve gone from a practically unusable system (constant freezes, horribly unstable) to a dream (captured an entire 2hr movie, solid rendering,etc). How much difference the update made compared to the other major changes is anyone`s guess - I`m just happy to finally have a stable system after almost a year of owning the DVNowAV.

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