GA7DXR & Raid drives too slow for video

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Mik Chinery
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Using the GA7DXR with Athlon 1400 and 760 meg of ram. Pinnacle Studio DV version 1.1.

I can capture video perfect on "C" drive which is a 40 Meg Maxtor which also has all of the other software on the machine. The striped raid is two Maxtor 60meg drives showing a total of 117 meg usable. All signs given say the additional drive is working perfectly. The Promise raid configuration is set for "AV" use. Pinnacle's test says it is not fast enough, when I try it there are more dropped frames than captured. Any ideas?

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visit and download raptest.
it will test the hard drive for av thruput.
maybe the returned figure was so high that the pinnacle test misread it.

i use 2 x raid0 on promise fasttrack controller and get thruput at 36MB/S for read 57MB/S for write on a 223GB raid with 115GB free
and second raid0 51MB/S read 58MB/S write with 223gb raid 10.4gb free

did you format the raid from the fasttrak bios ?

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This seems rather odd. The setup you have is capable of video editing! I'm using a GA-7DXR with 512MB RAM and various hard drives including 60GB and 80GB Maxtors. (You don't say what operating system you are using?)

My 80GB Maxtor is on the Promise controller, albeit not used in RAID configuration, and Raptest shows healthy figures even on a rather full drive.

As an aside, my personal point of view is that, for most people, striping is not necessary when video editing, even if it does produce higher throughput figures. The disadvantages can outweigh the advantages and this is a case where 'more' is not necessarily 'better'.



Mik Chinery
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I am using Windows 2000 Prof.

Would it be better to change the two jumpers on the motherboard and just revert to having two additional hard drives "D" & "E"

When I set things up I just followed the intructions and used the CD which came with the Motherboard.