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Peter Stedman
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A couple of colleagues have the Goldwave audio editing programme on their machines and I was impressed with the ease of copying a section from a CD on to the HD in a very fast time. About 10 seconds for a (say) 3 minute track.
I installed the programme but I can’t get this rapid copying at all, in fact my tests revealed that a one minute section was taking over 90 seconds to record.
The obvious differences to me seem to be that they have XP and I’m still on 98SE and the fact that I have a different CD player. (Iomega 8x4x32)

Any ideas on this one? Pete

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you are reading from the cd using a different process.

you can read using analogue , mscdex or aspi layer.
you then have sub levels of
buffered burst copy
unbuffered burst copy
dynamic sync width

etc etc

all of the above can alter the outcome, as can the speed the machine tries to read the audio at , if it tries at 24 speed and fails it will probably retry at 12 and continue retrying until it hits the optimum read speed

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Peter Stedman
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Oh Gary,
My poor old brain can't take all this in. I will have a go to see 'what is what' I doubt if my collegues even know why they are doing it the correct way.

Thanks for coming back.

Peter Stedman
Joined: Oct 30 2000

Hello again Gary,
Further to your kind help. I had my colleague here yesterday who regularly uses this Goldwave programme and he too was baffled as to why it took so long to work. I showed him your superb explanation but he was still as baffled as myself.
Any further guidance in words of one sylable please? Pete

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Go to the CD Audio Extraction menu and try different settings in there. Had Goldwave for some considerable time now, purchased the license, good value, and never knew that it ripped CD's!


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