got some new problems, HELP!!

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hi all,
i gave up on my abit kt7-a raid board and replace it with new stuff being; Gigabyte 7dxr board, 2 x 256 registered ecc crucial dimms of pc2100 ddr and a thermalright sk6 cooler with 6800rpm delta fan. Now the computer runs happily at 1.4ghz which the kt7a couldnt handle, but it runs toooo hot. It is so hot that i have the feeling the chip could be faulty. When idle it is about 52 degree's c. with this cooler it should be a lot less(or i think it should, its a top of the range copper one, cost almost 50). Anyone else think the chip is where the problem lies?(the case has adequite airflow and these temps are with the side off!!). 2nd problem is well i have no idea. When i put both ddr chips into the board it only picks them up as being 256mb but when i put them in singlely they each get picked up as being 256mb also? So basically the computer tells me they are both 256mb combined but when they are both actually 256mb each themselves!?!

i really need help on this one, i am grateful to anyone who can help, heres the system spec:

Windows 2000 pro sp1
Athlon 266fsb 1.4ghz
Gigabyte 7dxr board
2 x 256mb ecc registered crucial dimm's
EnermaX 431w psu
20gb + 80gb hdd's
Thermal right sk6 cooler with delta 6800 fan
Matrox G450
inbuilt pc128 sound
dual aoc 17' monitors
dvd-rom + 8x4x32
Pinnacle DV500
latest bios and drivers
full tower

thank you

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Hi cb,

I know that one has to be careful re AMD temperatures but not paranoid about them. I too have had concerns about temperatures and run a system at around 52c, which has now dropped to 47c as the autumn rolls in and the overall external ambient temperature drops.

If you go to AMD's website (sorry, can't remember the site name but a quick search on Yahoo will soon get you there) and have a look at what they say re temperatures, you are in for a surprise.

Based on their site info I don't think 52c is too much to worry about. You need to be aware that unless you have moved the chip temperature sensor on the motherboard closer to the chip (pretty fragile so don't do this) then all the sensor is doing is measuring is the temperature of the air in the gap between the chip and the sensor. This may actually be a lot hotter than the chip itself.

In conclusion, as long as you have a decent airflow running through your case and around your chip, and bits like hard drives are positioned in such a way as to ensure decent airflow, then I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Incdentally, if you use case fans and exhaust fans DO make sure that they all blow/suck in the same direction!



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W.B thanks for your reply, the reason that the temp is, i think too high is because the computer reboots itself without warning! i was just on the computer just now and i was actually wrong idle temp is 59, while in after effects it goes up to about 70. Also people with my heatsink + fan combo have OC'd this chip up to 1.85ghz and it is still stable, grrrrrrr.

i have no luck at all, any more info or input is very welcome W.B, anyone else too, especially PD as he seems to have a lot of knowledge on athlon based problems

Trevor Page
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Did you install the Cooler with the mobo in the case or out?

Sometimes coolers can foul on other components around the CPU socket preventing them from seating properly. The easiest way to be sure is to fit the cooler with the mobo outside the case, that way you can see properly.

This could also be causing the RAM recognition problem. I have come across CPU's which while appearing to function correctly, are faulty following incorrect installation / overheating. One which springs immediately to mind is an Athlon 900 which suddenly decided to report itself in the BIOS as a Duron 900! It also performed like a Duron as well.

Don't forget the heatsink paste.


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Hi CB,

Trevor Page has just beat me to the suggestion re thermal compound. Make ABSOLUTELY SURE you have some of this stuff between your cpu and cooler. Its worth up to 22c difference in your temperatures without it!

If you don't have thermal compound or forgot to use it then either go find the unused compound now or hot foot it to somewhere like Maplins (an electonics components reseller) fast.

Your chip hasn't got long to live if this is the problem.

Have you checked the connections to the cpu fan to make sure the fan works when booted up?

Let us know how you get on.


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hi trevor & W.B,
haha you wont believe this, im aleady using heatsink compund!ARCTIC SILVER II COMPOUND to be exact. This is partly why i thought these temperatures were particularly high plus the fact that my heatsink/fan is top class stuff! Im waiting for a reply email from aria to see if they will exchange it, if not im giving up and going mac.

thanks for all your help guys