Hard Drive Partition

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Dave Murray
Joined: Dec 1 1999

Can someone assist me with a minor problem I have with my PC at the moment.

I recently had problems with the network configurations on my little network I have at home and, in my attempts to rectify these, had to boot up in safe mode. Because I was not fully aware of what I was doing I also went into BIOS and played around with the settings in there.

I have always periodically run Norton Utilities Speed Disk to defragment my Hard Drive but since playing around in BIOS it will not allow me to do so, coming up with a message stating that the disk may not be configured properly. Also if the system has crashed at any time or Windows not been exited properly I get a message on rebooting asking if the I am unable to access any partitions that I was previously able to, to which I answer "No".

I am running Windows 98 on a PII 300 with an unpartitioned 6.3 Mb disc.

Can anyone tell me what I may have altered and how to retrieve the single disc. It's not serious as I seem to be able to access everthing as normal but I would like to be able to defrag my disc from time to time.

Dave Murray