"Hardware not found" error under Windows XP

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I have Dazzle Now AV capture card and can not install it under Windows XP.
Windows XP installs Texas Instrument 1394 driver without prompting.
After this driver is installed, the Dazzle hardware can not be detected.
I have read all messages in this group and couldn't find solution for Windows XP.

I think, the only way is to manually copy fast1394.sys file to Windows\system32\drivers directory to stop Texas Instrument 1394 driver from loading.

But this file is not available from Dazzle site!

Somebody who succesfully loaded Dazzle Now AV under Windows2000 or else, could share this file with others here or using Kazaa.

I am pretty sure this is not IRQ problem.
My motherboard lets me manually assign IRQ to PCI slot, so I am sure it is not shared.
I tried IRQ's 5, 7, 10, 11 - nothing works!

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This is just follow-up.
I wonder if anybody can answer this: Why Windows XP installs DEC 2115 PCI to PCI bridge driver for my Dazzle Now AV?
I have bought my Dazzle card second hand and it was previously installed in DEC computer.
Are there two versions of Dazzle boards?
Or some firmware was changed?
Can I change it back?

Colly Mark
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I have just got an new Dell Dimension 2400 system with Windows XP. I have a similar problem, I get a code 12 on my fast c-cube driver. It is not in conflict with an IRQ, it is IRQ11. This is causing me to get an error, "hardware not found or not working correctly" . I also had the driver Texas Instrument 1394 driver load. What you have to do is at the first load (when you put in the hardware) delete it, then load Premier, delete 1394 again (as it will come back) and then load Fast Forward software. I now have the right driver but it still does not work. Anybody else?

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I believe you need to uninstall (using device manager) the standard 1394 driver, and also an entry under sound, video & game controllers.

Then rerun the install program WITHOUT REBOOTING.

Its been some time since I had to do this, so I cannot be 100% sure that this is all you need to do - there may be one other device you need to uninstall to get it to work.

Best way to see what is being installed for the card by default is to do a boot without it physically in the machine, note all the devices, and then compare this with a boot with the card installed.

The DEC PCI to PCI bridge seems to be installed with DVNOWAV, presumably because of it having 3 devices on board and needing to communicate between them ??? Anyhow, this is one device that is correctly recognised and you don't need to uninstall!

Good luck - you may need to experiment a bit to find the right steps, but it does work.

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Well, my problem is that I am not sure if my card (which is probably Dazzle Mojave) is exactly the same as Dazzle DV NOW AV.
I am able to use this card in Adobe Premiere 6.5 with Dell patch (from Dell website), but only analog input works.
None of other Dell drivers seems to work (I have tried them all).
Fast forward drivers can not load, and I have tried unload TI1394 driver many times-no results.
What I didn' try yet is to install Premiere after unloading TI1394 driver, but with Dazzle card inserted.
My original Premiere installation is without the Dazzle card.
Also I am using version 6.5.
Should I go back to 6.0?

This order of software and hardware installation is confusing.
Maybe somebody have exact prescription in what order these things should be installed.

Also I am not sure if Dell made any modifications in Dazzle Mojave card, so it can not be detected as Dazzle DV NOW AV?


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If you are able to use the analogue input from the card then it would seem that some of the drivers are loading. If it is a DVNOW then the analogue inputs are on a box that attaches to the card by a fairly thick cable.

Do you have any of the 3 device categories in Device Manager? ie FAST 7146 interface, FAST C-Cube driver or FAST IEEE1394 Interface? If you do then try deleting the devices under them and re-installing the DVNOW drivers.

You need to install Premiere after the DVNOW drivers have been installed in order for Premiere to see the DVNOW.

It may be worth seeing if the 1394 ports on the card actually work - if the TI drivers are installed then they should function as a normal 1394 port, and Premiere should be able to import video from them.

The other thing that can confuse the install is if there are remnants of the registry info still in the registry. You could do a search for FAST and that should find any. Take the usual care when editing the Registry.

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I was never able to loasd any Fast drivers.
I always have famous "no hardware detected" message.
The analog input works with Premiere using Dell "Patch" designed for premiere.
You can find this patch on the Dell website.
Dell Mojave drivers are also to be found on the Dell website.
I have loaded them, but still don't know what it should shown on device manager.
I have TI1394 driver loaded and premiere can not recognize digital input.
Dell drivers are different than Fast Forward drivers.
You can not compare them.
There is a bunch of files, one of them is "mojave.sys", but there is no driver for 1394 port visible among these files.

Anyway, I would like to load Fast drivers, and still have no idea how to do this.

Dazzle site says that Premiere MUST be installed prior to Fast drivers.
Are you sure that installation without Premiere will work.
Do I need to un-install Ptremiere, and erase traces of installation in registry?

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I have DVNowAV running on XP without Premiere, and it's OK. The only reason I know of to install Premiere first is that DVNowAV needs to modify some program handles within Premiere so it'll recognize DIF files. When I get to installing Premiere on this machine, I'll have to deinstall DVNowAV first.


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If you have installed the Dell drivers then they could be messing up the FAST drivers ability to see the card. You will probably need to uninstall the Dell drivers completely before having any luck with the FAST drivers.

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Of coarse, I have tried to load Fast drivers before I have even attempted to use Dell drivers.

Now, I have downloaded High resolution picture of Dazzle Dv Now AV v1.3 board and I compared it with my Mojave card.
First of all Mojave is version 1.4 and there are some changes compare to version 1.3.
They bot use the same PCB, but v1.4 have extra chip U892 installed, while v1.3 has bunch of extra capacitors and resistors installed.
V1.3has connector J15 installed, while v 1.4 has conector J14 installed.

Does anybody know if these changes are only related to these internal connectors, or actually may make v1.4 board being not detected by Fast drivers software?

Does anybody succesfully use Fast drivers with verion 1.4 board?

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did you find out a solution yet?


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I had a similar problem and this link was my solution.........


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to allan. It is not a solution for this problem, I guess Dv.now AV and Dazzle mojave have internal differences.
I am ready to take my soldering iron but I don't know what to do with it to make this cards the same, any ideas?

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Mojave has no Philips 7146H chip

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