HD problems again (Recreated)

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HD problems again
It's possible that this problem is related to a secondary problem I had last week after a hard drive failure. Secondary problem was a failure to see the second drive which seemed to be a problem with the caddy not connecting.

However having just about got straight from those problems I started work on a project using premiere.
The project is in a file on a 120G disc and the whole file size is about 50G.
It is on a drive in a removable caddy that fits in a bay in the computer and has the drive letter D assigned.
Yesterday premiere (6) froze and I had to restart.
After that when I opened the file it took and continues to take about 8 seconds for all the icons to display. Also the mouse is very jerky moving accross the open window.

In anticipation of another drive failure (it is a deskstar afterall) I coppied the entire folder onto another drive.

The same thing happens on the new drive.
In a second older computer with a similar setup all is OK.

Bizarrely, if I change the letter from D to any other letter the problem goes away
I have changed the actual enlosure so I think I have eliminated:
The enclosure
The disc itself
The caddies.
I was wondering if the ribbon cable could be a problem?
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

As an asside I think both machines could do with an overhaul.
Can anyone recommend a call out or repair centre within access to Romford.
The company which built them and always gave good if a bit slow service have recently ceased trading.

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Not quite sure what you mean by an overhaul - let us know and I'll try to come up with some estimate of the cost and some suggestions.

Bob C

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Hi Bob
apart from this issue with the jerky mouse over the open folder and the change of letter curing the problem, the machines are running qhite well.
However there are a few niggley things with both

Computer No 1 an old 1ghz AMD machine but still running premiere 6 without any problem allthough I don't edit on it but do write DVD's on a A103 out of impression.

So problems that need sorting

1 I also have a A107 but can't seem to make that work from impression

2 Could do with a general dust down
A few weeks ago an alarm sounded after the machine was on for about 10 minutes. Never happend before, but after a few switch offs eventually found that the CPU fan was clogged.

3 Can't use newer USB devices, so could do with a new board.

4 When I shutdown I have to manually switch off and if I press the button too hard it resarts. Very anoying when I'm rushing to leave. I'd like it to turn off on shut down as Computer No 2 does

5 Windows updates keeps popping up and while I think I might need some of them, when I have loaded the updates it kills the machine and have to start in safe mode and then system restore.
tried it twice and same thing happened

6 anything else that might need doing generally that I am unaware of.

Computer No2 2.4gig machine
As 2 and 5 above

1 This particular recent problem with HD which I think must be a connection problem but can't see why changing the drive letter should cure it.

Common to both.
1 any particular updates I might need for other programs installed

2 The keyboard mouse and monitor are connected through a Lindy switch to display and opperate from one machine. I can be working at one while the other is doing some other task. Saves on desk space. Sometimes the mouse isn't seen on start up (even when switched to the correct machine) and have to ctrl alt del to resart. switching between machines when both are running is normally OK but on occasions when swithing back the mouse is dead again.

3 Some way of effeciently cooling the machines MOORE QUIETLY!

It is true that many of the above I could do myself, but others need a bit moore experience than I have.
Both were built by Manhattan in Romford and although a few problems over the years they have performed fantastically.
Unfortunately Manhatton have ceased trading.


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I just spent 40 mins writing a detailed reply on line and when I went to post it the browser failed to post it!

So, since I don't have the energy right now to retype it all again, I'll cut straight to the bottom line concerning the old PC - buy a new PC and ditch the old one - it will be cheaper than paying anyone half decent to do that work for you.

Here's just one example of a possible low-cost (sub-£300) alternative at ebuyer. Okay, it's not quite state of the art but it's a heck of a lot better than your 1GHz Athlon but after you spend out getting the old Athlon machine fixed and made quieter, you'll almost certainly have spent more.

And if you pay to sort out the Athlon, all you'll have to show at the end is an old, slow PC (I'm writing this on an Athlon 1.1GHz, so I'm not being judgemental here).

You may have to pay someone to transfer stuff over from old to new PC (and maybe fitting the A107 in there) but that, at least, IS something worth paying for.

The dusting/interior cleaning stuff can be handled using some cans of air from Maplins, an old toothbrush and a supply of damp clothes.

Stopping Windows updates from hassling is something you can do yourself - someone here may be along shortly with chapter and verse.

The stuff you mention with the newer machine isn't so problemmatic but could still involve you paying out for a good bit of someone's time, because much of what's required is rather labour intensive but at least this is a machine that's worth looking after.

Your KVM problem could be a cable fault or could be a fault with the switch box itself, I can't think of any other causes, so it might just be better to buy a new box and cables, rather than pay someone to give you that diagnosis (which could cost more than the new box and cables).

The noise issue is something you should sort out with the newer PC but doing that on the older one along with the other tasks really could end up with you paying out more than the cost of a brand new and much faster PC.

However, ignoring labour, to sort out the new PC you should expect to pay something like £80 for a quiet power supply, perhaps £30 for a low-noise CPU cooler and £20-£30 for a couple of low-noise system cooling fans.

I hate working on cars - though I've done lots of that work - so I'd understand it if your bottom line was that you hate working on PCs and would rather pay to have the work done.

Mind you my real gripe with cars, apart from grazed knuckles, is that I always seem to do the work in the cold, the dark, the rain and the wind - and those aren't problems I come up against with PCs.

If you do really want to get someone to do this work for you, shout and I'll PM you with suggestions.

Bob C

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