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Hi People,
Am New in this forum and new to the industry .
i have few question for your consideration. help me out pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

am about to start a production house with my brother who is done editing and filming.

1. Can you advise me as to whether mini HDV cancorders will be an advisable choice of camera? or what hdv camcorder can i get with £1400. we will be doing a lot of blue and green screen stuff.

2. Can can HD footages be downgraded to HDV.

help me out people.

tom hardwick
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HDV camcorders are the most common form of HiDef camcorders, but Panasonic's P2 card system will be better for your chromakey work - though a bit above your price point. The Sony HVR-A1 at £1370 would be a good starting point, assuming you don't want to buy secondhand. Or you could get two Canon HV20s.

Yes, you can downconvert HD to HDV.