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I Have one of the origional AV Masters, and i am now using windows 98.
when i am outputing to a preview monitor it looks like the there is an incorrect frame rate or the fields are not correctly set up. but when i output to a camcorder to record to Hi8 it looks fine... whats wrong.
also when i output to the camcorder, and then put the output from to camcorder into the preview monitor it looks fine on the little camcorder screen and bad again on the preview monitor. can anyone help?


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You should generally use Field Order A with the AVM, both when importing clips and when creating a video file. You don't see the effects of dual-field frames on the PC monitor, and you may not even see it on a camcorder's LCD, but you will see it on a TV.

If you're confused about fields there's an article in the video section of my Web site (below) that may help.

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