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hi there, having had my pc for quite some time and never had it working properly i think i'll ask for some advice.......

1.4ghz thunderbird- thermalright sk6(cooler)
gigabyte 7dxr - f7 bios
768mb ddr pc2100 crucial dimms
20gb + 80gb maxtor drives
windows 2000 pro - sp2
pinnacle dv500 - matrox g450 graphics
dual 17' monitors
n880 case - 2 x 80mm crappy fans and an exhaust fan.
431w enermax psu

my problem is that my pc has a nasty habit of randomly rebooting itself without warning. could it be the temp inside the case? give me your opinions as im about to spend 100 quid on a coolercase with 4 x 120mm fans and 2 x 80mm high powered fans.

the case temp seems to go from 21 degree c to 39 and the cpu can sometimes reach 70 degree c under load

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John Disdle
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I am running a 1Gig athlon on an Asus A7M266 board. With a DV500.
The case is a tall one. 6x5 ¼ bays and 2x 3 ½. One 80mm fan front bottom, and the PSU fan.

CPU fitted with a coolermaster fan-heatsink and will take up to 1.4Gig. My CPU temp was 52c+. ok it was the summer…but it was still a bit hot. You could try this.

My case sides pull off, and I cut a hole a little smaller than the diam. of the fan. Fit a piece of drain pipe with small brackets inside the case. The pipe should be the same, or greater diam. than the CPU fan, and about 3mm away from it. A metal fan guard from Maplin covers the hole in the case.
Now the CPU runs at about 35 to 37c. I think the AMD web site has some info. on CPU and case temps.
Hope this helps.

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It could be cooling - I've seen similar behaviour with an overheating PC.
My PC spec isn't terribly different to yours;
GA7DXR mobo
Athlon XP1600 with cheap Coolermaster fan
512Mb DDR
IBM 40Gb 60GXP system drive
2x Maxtor 80Gb (striped)
Matrox G550
Enermax 350 PSU
Win 2000 SP2
etc etc.
There are no fans or additional cooling in the case but it runs a fair bit cooler & doesn't crash.
Before spending big bucks on the case / cooling, why don't you;
a) install the Gigabyte temp monitoring utility (if you haven't already) and
b) run the system with the cover off to see if it still repeatedly reboots - BUT do regularly check the temperatures. If they go up, obviously you're getting better cooling with the back on so forget it - this test won't tell you anything. If they go down but the system still crashes, you may need to look elsewhere for the answer, and of course if they go down & the rebooting stops - the new case looks like a good investment.
Two other things I'd try (if you haven't already):
Remove one of your DIMMs to see if it makes a difference (I've come across PCs which don't seem happy with 3 DIMMs although I've no idea why)
Make sure you have a bit of thermal paste between CPU & cooler (but only a thin smear).

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thanks for that, found my problem, seemed to be the clip was the wrong way round and thus wasn't putting enough pressure on the cpu core. anyway...... temps dont go above 60 degree c' now but im still gonna get that fancy case cause it looks lovely hahah.

Anyway the rebooting problem still seems to rear its ugly head occasionally, it seems like theres a delay between cpu and the ram communicating? im really stumped.....

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Could be a dodgy memory stick.

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Had the same problem with a machine I had built

Took me a while to find the fault, when I installed the motherboard the pins on the back of the motherboard were touching the back plate and creating a short.

I solved the problem by putting plastic caps over the screw bases before fitting the board.