Help in chioce of new Editing system

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Hi there,

I have run a DC30+ with Prem 5.1c for several years and have been very happy with it. I have now bought both D8 and a mini DV camera - both with DV and 'S' I/O and plan to get a new PC.

Basic idea is one based on one of the the new Serial ATA and fireware motherboards, prob ASUS A7N8X Deluxe. I was considering upgrading my Prem to 6.5 and simply using the on board F/W.

If I had to stretch to a new Vid Ed board I guess it would have to be either the DV500DVD or Rt.X10 - I could not stretch to a more expensive board.

I would be greatful for any feedback on either config.



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Hi Ronk

The A7N8X board works very well with DV500 I have been using it for the past few months and have had absolutely no problems.

I also use the Asus V7700 video cards because they also work very well with DV500

I have an Athlon 2600XP processor amd 1Gb of Ram