Help! DV Tools won`t scan.

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John Disdle
Joined: Dec 28 2000

I have had my DV500+ for almost three months. It works very well in all respects except DV tools
will only scan some tapes. It just tries to rewind an already rewound tape. Even one it previously scanned. DV Tools device control works, as does control in premiere.
DV Tools is vers. 1.6 the system is,

A7M266 m/board 256meg DDR
1 Gig Athlon proc.
Win2K sp2 20 Gig sys drive
30 Gig AV drive

1394 device on IRQ 9. DV500 on IRQ 10

I have re-installed DV500 drivers.
the cam is a Panasonic DS15 dv enabled. I always black the first 30sec of tape and record from about 20sec.
I have looked for any info on pinnacle`s site without any luck.

I have tried… rebooting with cam turned on. Switching PC on with cam on. Cam on after PC boots.
DV500 from slot 4 to slot 2.
Just when I thought it was all ok. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.


Joined: Aug 15 2000

I believe that it is a camera/timecode problem.

My DV enabled DS33 has the same problem in that DVtools only recognises about 1/3 of the tapes. But it will always recognise that 1/3.

Other enabled Panasonic DV owners have had similar problems. The solution is to keep the ones it does recognise as 'recording' tapes and use the rest as storage.

John Disdle
Joined: Dec 28 2000

Thank`s. I have discovered that Panasonic tapes are more or less ok, but TDK are not liked. I can`t understand why it should make any difference.
I have looked at the Pinnacle site for any info. No luck.
I can record back to the cam ok, and DV tools controlls the cam better than o/p from prem. (it`s a bit slow in shuttle mode).
Apart from this it`s a very good system.


Joined: Dec 5 2000

I have a very similar setup.... and identical problem. I haven't yet got it to scan any tape successfully at all!!!

I have a Panasonic DS15 (currently not DV-in enabled although it has been in the past).
DV500 on a AMD K6-2 400. No problems with capturing with DV Tools or dual stream video output from the timeline of Premiere5 etc.

DV Tools just can't recognise the tape for automatic scanning. It keeps trying to rewind the tape past the beginning as though it is looking for some sort of code or identifier that doen't exist.
ALL my tapes are Panasonic ones. Most are "Professional" and a couple of "Liner Plus". None of them scan at all.

I am not sure which versions of the various softwares I have on the system.

Any got any further comments and help?


John Disdle
Joined: Dec 28 2000

Thank`s for all your help. The answer it seems, is to download scenalyzer from it works like a dream. When I start my next DV project I shall pay the money and be happy. A little confusing about where to pay. $33 from the USA, or $39from europe?