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Hi all,

I have got a Pentium II 333, 256 Mb RAM, 20 Gig HD. I don't know if it's possible to upgrade my computer to make it into a resonably good editing system or if I have to get a whole new system. I know that the processor is not fast enough. What would actually happen if I edit video in it? Would it keep crashing all the time?
I definitely need a capture card and a graphics card. What is the real difference in getting a round 50 pounds capture card and a real time more expensive capture card pack?
Which graphics card should I have to make my system work and what kind of price should I expect?
If it's not ask for too much...: does anyone know if the Sony V Walkman deck can play both PAL and NTSC? And has anyone ever used the Canopus DV Format Converter? Is it a good solution for the different formats matter?

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To answer this we need to know what format the video is shot DV?, SVHS etc and what do you want to do with the finished film VideoCD, DVD, back to DV tape, VHS tape?

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Hi Brunamara !

If you are talking about hardware alone - then you might want to know what a 'trade price' is on the CPU/Board.

A 1.2GHz Athlon (266 FSB) costs around £83 and an average AMD 761 motherboard will cost around £74.

256Mb DDR memory is around £35.

You will need to look at street prices (inc VAT) yourself.

Maybe some of the other 'posters' here can recommend a good place to go where you will get the best advice on this subject...

...especially if you are not used to upgrading hardware yourself !