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Sue Rendle
Joined: Sep 14 2001

I have been intouch with Pinnacle who informs me that their products are not compatible with the Chip Set I have which is ALI M1647. So this has stopped be getting the DC10+ that I was going to buy.

So I am now back to looking for a video capture card that will work with my system, this has to be analogue.

The system I have is
AMD Athlon 1.4ghz DDR CPU (266mhz)
Athlon DDR 266mhz motherboard (+onboard sound)
Mother board A7A266
Chipset ALI M1647
256mb PC2100 DDR Memory (266mhz)
40gb ATA 100 Eide HDD
64mb nvidia Geforce 2MX (128bit bus)-tvout

Pinnacle refur to the chipset as Ali magik.

Any one help


Rob W
Joined: Aug 24 2001

Hi sue, I'm very new to this forum, not new to building PC's, but new to building video editing systems..... Am an animation student. I nearly made the mistake of buying an A7A266 - it was only because I lost my bankers card! And in my opinion Pinnacles customer support is rubbish....


A friend of mine Gethin, is in an identical situation to you. Like me, He's an animation student, and so required a decent analogue video edit / animation machine. I've spent two months looking round, phoning people. Unfortunatly for you - The DC10+ is the only straight analogue card that I've come across.

All other cards are either DV (firewire) or a combination of both (DV and analogue). You could hunt down a DC30 (a very nice analogue card), but unfortunatly, this has been discontinued. It's also made by pinnacle - and so therfore your motherboard wont like it.

You could look at the All in Wonder Radion - but this is really a gfx card with video tacked on. Likewise, there are the huappage TV cards.... but again these really dont cut the mustard. The DC10 will capture at aprox. DV res, so is more than suitable for dumping back down onto VHS. You can use Divx etc to mess about with the compression.

Pinnacle boards like AMD chipsets: AMD761
They dont seem to like anything else.

So really your best bet, is to buy a DC10+ (about £130).

I built the following system for Geth.... so far it works!

AMD athlon 1.4ghz DDR
512mb DDR Ram
60gb IBM deskstar (15gb system - rest for video)
generic burnproof CDRW
DVD rom
32mb Geforce 2mx
Motherboard: Gigabyte 7DXR with onboard creative audio. AMD 761 chipset.
17" belinea monitor
massive Case,
cooling devices on the HD, CPU, an exhaust fan - overkill I know!

for £810
(£40 of that was the delivery charges..... got stung!)

Your system is fine - except for the motherboard!

I think you should sell your motherboard, and buy a GA7DX - the non raid version of the motherboard we got, as your HD is only 40gb, unless of course you wish to ad another drive in the future.

The GA7DX costs £104.58
The GA7DXR costs £119.79

Both from Eclipse computers on 08707 456 000
(I'm gussing your UK based?)

A DC10+ costs about £130 depending on where you go.

You'll need to get hold of the fast processor patch from Pinnacles site - because the DC10+ doesnt like fast chip's!

stick the DC10+ in the middle PCI slot.
You could mess about with the bios settings - but this seems to work first time. As the creative chips on board, you dont have to worry about it conflicting with the DC10!

Get hold of the latest drivers for your Geforce 2.

Oh, and the OS were using (v.important.... should have mentioned it before!) is Win98 se. So far win 2k isnt supported - but win XP will be. Win 98 is what most people have anyway.

The gigabyte boards I mentined are reliable.
sorry have to fly have 15mins to get to work.......

PS. You could probably stick your your A7A up on Ebay, and get £100 for it. It's a cool gamers board.



Joined: May 30 2001

Hi Sue,

It might help you to discuss your issues with a company called LynxDV. Ask for Ian on 01737 770042.

There are strict rules on this forum about advertising; however Lynx have contributed to this board over the months and have sorted out problems for a number of forum members over tme, on the basis of recommendations such as this one.

I am not surprised at all re your experiences with Pinnacle and their products. Personally I don't know how they stay in business. I have found their customer service (or lack of it) not to be in keeping with a company that cares about the relationship between its product, image amd customer base.

Good luck with your quest.



Roger Turner
Joined: Aug 29 2001

I am in a similar situation, however I already have a DC10. I was strongly enticed to buy a Gigabyte GA7DXR on the strength of the post on this thread, but having visited the DC10 web board, there is a post from some body who had built "geths" machine, who now has problems with NTSC/PAL settings!