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Rob Crabtree
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DAZ Productions Launches DAZ Studio, a Free 3D Figure Posing and Animation Software Package

Simple “Load and Render” Functionality Makes it Easy for Anyone to Design in 3D; Includes Professional Quality 3D Scenes, Poseable Characters, Accessories and More

DRAPER, Utah – Sept. 14, 2005 – Have you fantasized about becoming a 3D artist but were discouraged by the steep learning curve and costs? Now is your chance as DAZ Productions., a leading developer of professional quality 3D software and models, announced today the launch of DAZ Studio, a free, feature-rich 3D animation software package that puts a complete virtual photo and motion picture studio at your fingertips.

With pre-configured 3D scenes, poseable characters, animals, environments, clothing and accessories, DAZ Studio is the easiest way to quickly create high-quality digital images and animation for games, multimedia, illustration and photography applications.

“DAZ Studio is designed to unleash the artist within all of us – whether you are a mom, a child, a teacher or a professional photographer,” said Dan Farr, president of DAZ Productions. “With the free DAZ Studio software, 3D becomes easy, fun and accessible to everyone. DAZ Studio allows both artists and amateurs to quickly “Load and Render” a preconfigured scene or create their own custom designs, and produce beautiful images instantly without time or cost commitments.”

With DAZ Studio, users can work with virtual objects to create images of any genre, ranging from fantasy to contemporary. Parents can use DAZ Studio to complete scrapbooks with 3D art and backgrounds; book designers can design vivid cover images; and filmmakers can develop compelling storyboards during pre-production.

“Though I'm far from being a real artist, DAZ Studio helps me put the images I have in my mind into a visual medium, and I’m having lots of fun,” said Louvette Escuadro, a DAZ Productions customer since February 2005. “The company’s tagline says it all: ‘Unleash the Artist Within.’” DAZ Studio boasts many robust features, including a full-color OpenGL Preview, the powerful 3Delight Render Engine (compliant with Pixar’s RenderMan), and Fast-Time Rendering via the user’s video card hardware.

To see a complete detailed list of DAZ Studio’s features, please visit: http://studio.daz3d.com/1_0features.php.

Pricing and Availability
DAZ Studio is free of charge and is available on Windows 98 SE or higher and Mac OSX 10.3 or higher. DAZ Studio comes with three pre-configured 3D scenes, including the popular Victoria model created by DAZ, an extensive user manual, and easy-to-follow tutorials for getting started. To obtain a free copy of DAZ Studio, users must register for a free account on the DAZ website and agree to participate in the company’s unique Tell-Ware program, which stipulates that each DAZ Studio user must share information about DAZ Studio and/or the DAZ website with at least two friends.

DAZ Productions offers a large library of 3D content scenes and models that can be purchased for use with DAZ Studio. The company also distributes the DAZ Dispatch, an informative weekly newsletter announcing new products, discounts and special offers to receive free products. Informative forums, online art galleries and special membership based savings plans for customers are also available.

About DAZ Productions
Founded in 2000, DAZ Productions Inc, located in Draper, Utah, is a market leader in 3D software and digital content creation. The company’s model library is renowned for containing high-quality 3D content at the industry’s most competitive prices. DAZ also develops powerful software applications that support its content, including Mimic, a lip-synching application, and Bryce, a 3D environment package.

DAZ Studio, the company’s first free 3D figure posing and animation software package, demonstrates the company’s commitment to expand and grow the 3D marketplace by offering free software and virtual 3D content at affordable prices. DAZ’s products have been used in many professional productions, television shows and print publications such as “X-Men 2,” “Spiderman,” “Average Joe,” “48 Hours,” The Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, and the History Channel.

For more information, please visit http://www.daz3d.com.

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