Hollywood DV Bridge and MSP 6

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Does anyone know how to make Media Studio output to VHS from the Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge? Any advice would be welcome. I can get it to work with MGI Videowave 4 no problem. I've downloaded the patch for MSP6 which states you can do a DV record without the need for a rendered file....but how?? If you can help me I'll buy you a beer!


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With a DV camcorder you do "Print to DV device" (or similar wording in the File menu). This requires you to select device control so that the camcorder is started and stopped automatically.

But I assume that the DV bridge doesn't have device control, so you just need to set the analogue VCR recording then play the DV?

In this case all you have to do is play the timeline, as when previewing. I assume you can get preview to go via the DV bridge - in which case you just preview the entire project and record to VHS as it plays.

Let me know if I'm being too simplistic, but sometimes the obvious is the hardest to spot

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