Homemade Lightworks Turbo + Loads or Software and Spares

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Lightworks Turbo made with bit collected over the years. Based around a Compaq Prosignia 500 PC. This PC has the correct amount of EISA slots and could handle multiple HDD’s. The machine worked fine about two years ago when it was last switched on. It needs a second serial port card to run the machine control. The Compaq only had one serial port which is used for the controller. Includes optical drive and writable CDROM. 2x18GB HDD’s.

Could be used as working machine or for spares.

I have a CDROM full of documentation and software including v6.51. Also all the official manuals and other documents including Film Editing and technical guides

Ideal for hobbyist or someone who wants bits for their lightworks turbo


Software / Manuals

V6.51 Software and CDROM full of Lightworks stuff

EISA Utility and Config CDROM's for the Compaq PC

Official Lightworks Manuals, film conversion guides and loads of other documentation.


Compaq Prosignia 500 PC

2 x SCSI 18GB HDD’s

1 x SCSI System HDD

All Lightworks Boards


1 x Optical Drive

Other Hardware

Lightworks controller

Lightworks Keyboard

External 1U Audio Module

All connecting cables


2 x Lightworks Video Processing Cards

2 x 2742 EISA SCSI Cards

Internal SCSI cables

PSU for Compaq Prosignia


Offers Please

Contact: ginom@f2s.com for pics