How do i hide my Cheap email address??

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Dominic I
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I have my company .com email address redirected to my freeserve address, which is great for incoming mail.
However when i send out email the recipient can see my freeserve address.
I know that within outlook(outlook exspres)you can change it so the email address that is shown when you send mail is my .com address.

If somone could tell me how you do this they would make me a happy man



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you would be better off using an outgoing smtp server, i use mailexpress.
that can then call itself anything it wants , and in the headers of the emails it sends it puts your ip address , that way you can't use it for spam , cos someone will know your ip address.

you then set up an account in outlook express for sending emails and point it to 'localhost' for outgoing smtp server , hasve mailexpress running in background , and send your mail from

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Gavin Gration
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I wouldn't worry too much. We deal with people from all kinds of firms - big and small - they often use yahoo, hotmail, btclick, freeserve etc.

Proper hosting is cheap these days - you get loads of POP3 too.

Try Chris Holland.

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Dominic -- yes there is such an option -- go to the Properties page for the Email Account and change the "Reply To" address.

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It is possible to spoof the from address, but this runs the risk of getting filtered as spam, as well as not being possible in most email packages.
Changing the Reply-To address is a sensible thing to do, and quite simple in most packages.

Ideally, though, is if your company has a full email server or email provision, then you should look at whether they can get or set up webmail, so you could access the mail directly, rather than it being forwarded. Exchange can do this very effectively, as can various other solutions. Rather than using POP3, these solutions work best when you use either an Exchange or an IMAP server - the main difference between POP3 and IMAP being that with IMAP the messages are kept on the server.
Failing that, you could consider setting up a webmail account which has a name that represents your company (e.g. somecompany_dominic_offsite@...) so that it's at least apparent from the email address that there's an association with yourself and the company.

I think that for initial contact it looks good if your email comes from an official email address, but I've never had a problem with clients receiving email from a private account, as I think most people understand that mail servers can go down, requiring email to come from another address, and similarly, many people work off-site and cannot always send from their official email address.

If you only have forwarding, rather than any full email address, then it may be an idea to look at a more complete email service (running an email server such as xmail via a broadband connection is one cheap option), but I don't think people generally pay much attention to the the email address that a message is from.

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It is an option in outlook to leave the messages on the server rather than download them. You can also chose to leave them on for a period of time to save the mailbox growing indefinitely. Then you could use to access them and send pretending to from your address. The problem is that the sent messages won't be stored (you could bcc yourself to each message) and when you get back to the office you will have to remember which ones you have read.
The option can be found in tools->accounts and then in the advanced tab on selecting the account. This of course assumes that external access to the pop3 server is available.