How do I post a new topic ?

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on the top of the main page in each forum is a picture/icon.

click on that , and you can make a posting.

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Assuming, that is, you have registered, and received confirmation via email - which will contain your password and acknowledge acceptance of the user name you have chosen for yourself.

When you go to post, you will be asked to input your user name and password and both are case sensitive ie the capitalisation of user name and password must both be ExACTlY as tHEy wErE in the confirmatory email.

My user name is bcrabtree - and that is the only spelling of the name that would be accepted.

So, none of these spellings would be accepted:




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I've included below FULL details on how to go about making a posting - but the first thing you have to do is register - which takes two minutes, doesn't result in you getting any spam, and typically gets you onto the forums ready to post within another minute or two.

What I've written is lengthy, but, hopefully, understandable - but will be even more understandable if you print it out so you can use it while getting started.

Anyway, let's get going...

What's important to know to start off with is that there are three levels within the DVdoctor forums.

The highest level is here:

Go there and you will currently see two sections:

* DVdoctor's very own forums (which is where most of the activity takes place)

* Global Digital Videographers' Club (which is a Netherlands-based organisation whose forums DVdoctor hosts).

So, let's click on the link called, "DVdoctor's very own forums"

This brings you here:

In this window you will see all of the forums devoted to different subject areas, each having a brief amount of text below explaining its purpose.

At the top of the list, currently, is FAQ (the forum you're reading this in, which is devoted to frequently asked questions) - this is a place to look for answers not pose questions.

The busiest forum is the one called, Desktop Video - General, which is, currently fourth in the listings. Let's go there...;f=10

Now you are within a forum, you can choose to read any of the threads that are listed, or you can start up a thread yourself.

To start a new thread, you click on the button at top right of the window - the one labelled,


If you have not signed into the forums during your current internet session (but have already registered and received confirmation of your user name and password), then the window that will come up requires you not only to type in what you want to say (and a subject line for that new thread) but also to put in your Login name and your Password.

When you've done that and finished composing the message, you either post it - by clicking on the "Add New Topic" button located at bottom left below the "Message:" window, or, better, check it out first by clicking the "Preview Post" button at bottom right below the "Message:" window.

The "Post Preview" window that appears let's you read your message in a form more closely resembles how the final posting will appear to those who read it - and so let's you judge whether others will be able to read it, easily.

You might, for instance, realise that you have written sentences that are too long, or have not put in paragraphs, so it is all one big blob of text.

You could, of course, realise that you've made a typing error, too, or forgotten to say something.

Whatever the case, if you need to make changes, move the "Post Preview" window to one side so you can see the "Message:" window, and then make the required changes.

Then click the "Preview Post" button again to double-check your changes (the "Post Preview" window will be updated).

Finally, when you are happy, click on the "Add New Topic" button.

Job done!

Now, the system automatically takes you into the thread you have created.

You can, though, edit it further - now or in the future - by clicking on the fifth icon from the left in the row of six icons at the top of your message, the icon that looks like a piece of paper with a pencil on it.

If you hover you mouse pointer over ANY of the icons, you'll see a message appear (after about four or five seconds), telling you what job that icon does.

So, now, what about if you want to comment to a thread someone else began or, perhaps, to respond to a comment some makes to your own thread?

Well, first, you have to be within the thread and able to read it before you can add a comment - so you have to click on it from within the forum list of threads/topics.

Then to comment, you have to click on the button at top right of the window - this now has a different label.

Instead of being labelled,


It is now labelled,


Having clicked on it, the "Post A Reply" window appears.

In that window you type into the "Message:" window what you want to say, and either preview it ("Preview Post") or add it ("Add Reply").

There are further things I could say but, just for now, that will get you going, hopefully.

However, do PLEASE also read the rest of the thread you are currently reading.

Bob C