How much RAM is too much?

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Joined: Nov 10 2001

I was wondering whether anyone knows if it is possible to run up to 1280 meg of RAM (2x512 sticks and 1x256 meg stick) on an ASUS K7 Motherboard?

It runs fine with 1024 meg of ram (2x512 sticks) but the moment I add the 256, Windows wont start. I know that I'm probably going over the maximum limit it will take but I was wondering if anyone knows a way around this? Or is it a lost cause?

I'm using an AMD Athlon 800, with Windows 2000 Professional. Any comments/answers/abuse would be great.

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It could be a Ram power problem or a ram settings problem. Try it with one 512MB and the 256MB if it works its' probably a power problem - if it doesn't work then it probably is due to ram having different settings and the memory speed is set automatically. It may be possible to set the memorty timings manually in which case set it to the slower ram's settings (you may have to boot to DOS and use a DOS ram diagnostic program, e.g. sifsoft sandra to find the relavent settings).

In any event, even for NLE, 1GB of ram is never going to be fully utilised. Have a look at the CPU/memory task monitor. I have 512mb and have never had less than 100mb free memory.