before I build a system

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Yall sure seem resourceful after reading all of the posts! I own a Sony DCR-TRV 17 (mini dv) and am considering building a system to capture and edit (up to one hour segments). I have purchased (but can return unopened) Pinnacle DV 200 (Adobe Premiere 6) but have learned alot in past 24 hours about compatibility etc. I am looking at a Athlon 1.3ish processor, RAID 0, 120 gb, 512 RAM, Windows XP. These are tentative recomendations from a friend that I am just now beginning to understand what they are. I was hoping yall could give some startup advice, because yall sound like you know everything and I'm not be sarcastic. So how about laying some of that serious brainwork on me before I plop down the big bucks? Ryan

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According to Pinnacle tech support on their bulletin board the DV200 drivers are not Win XP compatible. However as the latest version of the DC200 PCI card is the same as that used by Studio DV you can use the latest Studio DV drivers to capture video and the edit in Premiere 6.0.

Alternatively you can buy a cheap firewire card which in Win XP compatible and use that instead. As the DV200 costs less than the retail version of Premiere 6.0 it will be more expensive to return your DV200 and get a separate copy of Premiere.

A third option is to use Windows 2000 or Win98SE which both work with my set up:-

Athlon 1.333 Ghz
Abit KT7A motherboard
256MB PC133
Highpoint Raid 0 (2xIBM 60GB)
SB Live
Geforce 2Ultra