IDE drives and potential pci ata controller?

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if i use the two IDEs on my asus a7v333 mobo for my two drives(both masters) then how and where do i connect my cd/dvd drives?
I am new to computers so am fairly scared of anything to involved... iam seriously thinking about cheating and just getting usb2.0 cd/dvd drives!
Can anyone tell me what to do? help in any way?

John Disdle
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Welcome to the steep learning curve of computing. You must have already taken the lid off to know there are two IDE controllers. IDE 0 and IDE 1. Each controller will run two devices. ie Master and slave.
You will need two IDE 80 wire AT 100/133 cables. Round ones are between £8 - £14.
They will have a blue skt at one end, and a black skt at the other, and a grey one about 6in from the black.

Your drive with the O/S and programs should be set to master by the small jumper at the back of the drive. This should be marked on the drive. Black skt to master, blue end to IDE 0 usually blue on the m/board.
Your other master can be made a slave by changing the jumper. Grey skt to slave.

The CD and DVD drives are again made master and slave on IDE 1. Do not use one HDD and a CD drive on the same IDE.

Hope this is not too basic.



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What's the logic against having a HDD and a CD/DVD on the same IDE controller? Just curious. THanks.

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The main reason for splitting the HD's from the optical ones, is that the optical drives tend to have lower data transfer rates than the HD's.

This can make your IDE channels run slower. Basically the IDE channel will run at the speed of the slowest device.