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Joined: Jun 17 1999

I saw recently in a a video camera magazine a page where video clubs could tell the "country" about themselves, where they are and when they meet.
I wondered if a similar page could be added to CV, but along the theme that Video clubs who have CV editing nights are the only ones displayed.
This would encourage more members into these video clubs, because( and maybe I am being naive) we mostly think of these places as being full of rich bods and thier XL 1 cameras but I am sure they have editing ideas too!
It could be a way of swelling the ranks of the said clubs and give much needed knowledge to those of us who think we know it all, and those of who know we don't.

It's just a thought and and I've posted it to see if it would be a popular idea.

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Good Idea, to add to it prehaps a feature each month on a different club and system(s) used.