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After the success of the UK price comparison FAQ thread, I thought I'd start this one....

No particular recommendations - just suppliers that have been mentioned herein.

Please feel free to add any other favourites you know of (and bookmark this thread!)


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David Finch
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I use

Comparison Chart for HP DeskJet 950C

(Original Cartridge on Left, Inkcycle Remanufactured on Right):

Black Cartridge HP51645A Original £23.95 (42ml.) - - - Inkcycle £9.49 (42ml.)

Pages per cartridge: Original 665 - - - Inkcycle 2052

Price per page: Original 4p - - - Inkcycle Under a penny

Colour Cartridge HPC6578 Original £25.99 (19ml.)- - - Inkcycle £15.94 (45ml.)

Pages per cartridge: Original 62 - - - Inkcycle 101

Price per page: Original 42p - - - Inkcycle 16p

No charge for p&p

(These figures are based on a recent survey from ComputerActive magazine. However as prices have increased since the publication, I have taken the original cartridge prices from and compared them with the remanufactured prices from )

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June Edwards
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I use Global Link in Newcastle-under-Lyme
Tel 01630647973 for my Epson 875 and 740 originals
if you ring before 12.00 they arrive the next day.(and its free postage and packing)
and I always barter for bulk buying
regards June


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Does anyone else have the problem with compatables in that the new cartridge takes endless clean cycles before it prints OK .....

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Gavin Gration
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Gone back to gen. Epson ink after watsing money and time on compats.

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I've been using for around a year now for Epson COMPATIBLES for my R200 and Color 880

R200 compatibles currently 92p each incl VAT (scroll down to the bottom of their list)

Color 880s currently 64p black + 99p colour.

I've only ever used compatibles in my R200 (aside from the initial Epson set that came with the machine) with no problems.

john mackay
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R265 cost me £14 a set but Magenta fails so I use Epson for this...
R200/220 costs £5 to £8 a set at local computer fair with no problems....I bought another 220 from Epson direct for about £27 and plan to ditch R265 on cost and bloody-minded software grounds.
Scource for inks - local computer fairs for last 2 or 3 years.

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I bought a load of print cartridges for Epson direct instead of my usual supplier Staples. I think it's much better value for money.

Rob James
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I've used 'notjustink' in Southampton for years for Epson compatibles. Never had a problem. Very friendly, knowledgable and reasonably cheap + very quick. You'll have to look them up though, their website isn't ecommerce.

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John R.Hall
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I use 'Valueshop' for my Canon compatables and specify JetTec carts.
Good value and very reliable


Derek Langford
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I operate a Epson Photo 285 for all my general printing including DVD / CD disk printing. Until recently I have always used Epson ink as in the past on previous Epson printers I have experienced issues with compatibles. Recently I had a significant amount of high quality printing to do for marketing material. Rather than pay a printer to do this I decided to complete this myself having reviewed the cost both using Epson ink and compatible inks. Obviously the compatibles were a no brainer against Epson originals, but what about the ink quality of the compatible inks? I sourced ink having been assured by the supplier that there were no issues with the compatible ink that they supplied!! (where have we heard that one before!!) The R285 I have is one of the later versions that allegedly would only operate with the Epson Hummingbird generation of inks and not with compatibles!!

Weighing up the alternatives I decided that with the saving I would make using the compatibles that it was worth the risk even if in the end I would have to buy a new printer.

Initially I put a toe in the water and bought a set of compatibles and fed them into the printer as the original cartridges expired. I monitored the final print quality for both definition and depth of colour (a standard issue with compatible inks not being as vibrant as originals!!) There was no perceivable diffrence in the final print this considering that there was a high percentagle of red in the marketing material!!

So who and what did I use well it was a firm named Print Cartridge direct from Deeside area

Below is one of their current offers on R285 inks

MEGA Printing Pack For Serious Printer Users, SAVE A Packet - 5 FULL SETS OF Projet Ink Cartridges for £38.99.- You Will receive:
•5 x T0801 Compatible Black Cartridges
•5 x T0802 Compatible Cyan Cartridges
•5 x T0803 Compatible Magenta Cartridges
•5 x T0804 Compatible Yellow Cartridges
•5 x T0805 Compatible Photo Magenta Cartridges
•5 x T0806 Compatible Photo Cyan Cartridges
•Easy to use, Just Fit And Print
Ready to fit straight into your printer. All Compatible T0801, T0802, T0803, T0804, T0805, T0806 Inkjet cartridges come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

These Cartridges Contain Double ink content 13ml, Originals only contain 6.5 ml

Ready to install straight into your printer.

Oh as an aside I am still using the same printer, I am not experiencing any issues more than normal with ink head blockage / printing.

I saved a huge amount of money!!

Derek Video Logic

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Good find, Derek. Obviously, they do all sorts of other cartridges/toners too (including mine! :) )

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Derek Langford
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mooblie wrote:
Good find, Derek. Obviously, they do all sorts of other cartridges/toners too (including mine! :) )

Thanks !! One thing that I forgot to mention that they have short term offers ( I had a free 2Gb mini pen drive that still works!!) with an order of over £20 (I think it was this or very close in value!!) and so far good customer service as well!!

Derek Video Logic