Installation of Pinnacle Pro One RTDV

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Andy Scott
Joined: Aug 9 2003

This is more advice thean help needed, based on my recent experiences. I recently built a PC using Asus P4PE Black Pearl motherboard, P4 - 3GHz, Matrox G550 graphics, Audigy 2 soundcard, Windows XP Professional. After installing everything, the system would hang during the loading of Adobe Premier. Strange, since this board (and PCI slot used - 3) was the configuration recommended on Pinnacle's website. I did all the usual things like changing PCI slots, removing Audigy, etc. Each time it was a clean reinstallation of XP, etc. Still no joy. Spoke to Pinnacle's helpline. Nothing. To cut a long story short I did solve it: traditionally with Windows 2000, XP, etc you would enable APIC mode in the BIOS, allowing up to 32 IRQs. The Pinnacle does not like this: it sat on IRQ 22 and could not be changed, despite trying to force IRQ 9, 10 or 11 (Pinnacle's recommended IRQs) in the BIOS for this PCI slot. But setting BIOS to PIC (and clean reinstallation again) solved the problem. Dead stable after that.
This surely should be at the top of the list in Pinnacle's troubleshooting tips!