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I try to install DV now AV with the driver 1.6. After installation, I can launch the program but as soon as I switch Off the computer, next time I switch On Windows detect a new harware PCI and ask me to install a driver. I cancel the request. Windows continues to open and then if I click on dazzle fast I get the message "Deffective harware or not found".
I have tried to change PCI slot but its always the same problem. The card has been install with IRQ 11 that is alos the IRQ for my NVIDIA AGP video. According to Dazzle, DV now AV should not share IRQ therefore they advise me to change IRQ 11 for IRQ 10 or to use an integrator (what is that?) and how can I change the IRQ with my automatic BIOS.
I have a DELL Dimension 4100 with Windows 98SE.
Can someone help me ?
Thank you - Patrice

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Check out this site. Its full of answers

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Remove all your PCI cards, install DV Now AV on slot 2 or 3, ( avoid 1 and 4)check for any conflict in Device manager. Reinstall your PCI devices one at a time, checking each time for any conflict in Device Manager.
Now there is on the FAST site a lot of complaints about DELL Dimension 4100, there is apparently some fundamental incompatilities between that machine and FAST.
Good luck ( it took me at 3 weeks of hard work to make it work with an ABIT BE 6, so take a deep breath and don't despair...)

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Thanks for your help. I went to the site but unfortunately still same problem.I removed some components to give some IRQ free but DV nowAv is always installed with IRQ 11 which is used by my graphic/monitor card.
I had reserved IRQ 10 in the resources but DV now went to IRQ 11. I also created another profile with minimum components, does not work, again IRQ 11.
Any other idea ?

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Make sure you've got the latest chipset drivers from the Dell support site (probably Intel 815 in a Dimension 4100)

If they're working properly it doesn't matter what IRQ the board is allocated.