Installing Large Hard drives

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I wonder if anyone can help please. I am trying to install a 40Gig UDMA
Maxtor drive as a primary slave to my 8.4Gig master. (also Maxtor) I have
an Abit BH6 motherboard and bios award v4.51Pg date 5/20/99. The bios does
not seem to recognise the drive. Looking at the Maxtor website I found their
utility Maxblast (EZ-Bios) to install the drive. This did see the drive and install/format it. However on reboot the PC `hangs` before loading windows98se. I have tried using UDMAUPDT.EXE to no avail either. Both the master and slave jumpers are set correctly on the drives. I have tried using the other channels but this still does not work either. Using Maxdiag reports an errorcode N6OVl? Does this mean the drive is faulty? I would be grateful for any suggestions which may help?



Nick Piercey
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Hi Frank,

You'll probably have to flash your m/b bios.

My Award bios is 4.60 (on an Aopen AX6B+) and the 40GB Maxtor is recognised ok.

Check the m/b website for an update. It should tell you which bios revisions support hard drives > 33GB.



Dougie Leaver
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Frank, have you set the jumpers up on the drive so it reports its size correctly. If I remember rightly, paperwork not to hand, you just need one jumper on the third set of pins from the left. This makes the drive report itself as a smaller drive and then the E-Zbois takes over and tells the system the correct size. If you can upgrade your MoBoard bios this will also cure it.
Dougie, just gone through all this too!.

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I just did the same too with an IBM 40GB drive. I also have an ABIT motherboard but a BX6 v2. The ABIT site isn't bad and tells you all about the drivers to upgrade your motherboard. On my particular drive it said the BX6 v2 didn't recognise HD greater than 33.8Gb without the new drivers. I suggest you visit the ABIT site, print out the instructions and download the software. While you are on there check out the "product details" of your particular board as it may do things you didn't know about before. Then follow the instructions to make a bootable floppy and change the bios in your motherboard. I did it and I'm no techie. Good luck.



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As the others have said: upgrade the bios; I had the same problem with my 36GB drive using the old BIOS until I installed the 32GB jumper on the drive, the PC simply wouldn't boot because the BIOS didn't know what to do with such a large drive.

If the BH6 is anything like my BX6 motherboard, then it's a fairly painless process, the only real problem is that it deletes all the CMOS settings and you have to reset them again, so before you upgrade go through the setup screens and write down the important ones. I installed the latest BX6 BIOS a few months ago and now it happily recognizes my 60GB Maxtor drive.

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A thousand thanks for all your help. I`ve had a quick look at the Abit website. I think I have a lot of reading to do! However will certainly give it a bash though.

Will let you know the outcome.

Thanks again