Invisible Drives!

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Mark Dawson
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For the past twenty months I have been succesfully using a DC30+ in a system based around the Intel 233 Pentium processor. My set-up consists of a PCI Pentium TX5 Motherboard, Award Bios 4.51 (dated 27th June '97) and with a Fujitsu 4.4GB drive as the boot drive. For video capture I have been using two IBM 6.4GB drives. The Fujitsu drive is the Primary Master with a CD Rom drive as the Primary Slave. The IBMs have been the Secondary Master and Slave. The operating system is Windows '95 OSR2.
Complications arose when I decided to install a 20.4GB Maxtor drive (model no. 92040U6) as the Secondary Master and to make each of the IBMs removable drives, using caddies.
After installing the Maxtor drive, everything (including one of the IBM drives in it's caddy) registered in the bios at the boot up stage.
Initially, however, no icons for the Maxtor or the IBM appeared in 'My Computer'.
In 'System Properties', under 'Device Manager' the secondary IDE controller (dual fifo) displayed a conflict.
Running the Maxblast software partitioned and formatted the 20.4GB drive to the maximum Fat 32.
After re-booting, the Maxtor drive is now visible in 'My Computer' and can be accessed. However, there is no icon visible for the removable IBM drive and the conflict mark referring to the second IDE controller remains.
Looking at the drives in 'Device Manager' shows the Fujitsu and IBM listed, but not the Maxtor. In 'My Computer', however, the icons for the Fujitsu and Maxtor are present, but not the IBM!!!

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?

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