IOV invites tenders from members for its promotional video

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IOV invites tenders from members for its promotional video

All IOV members are invited to tender for the IOV's first ever promotional video. There's a cash budget of £5,000, plus access to HDCAM filming and editing kit.

With the assistance of its main sponsor, Sony Broadcast, the IOV has come up with an imaginative scheme to produce its first promotional video.

With so much creative talent now in the organisation, the Executive believe that this approach will achieve the best possible promotional video - and at the same time provide its members with the opportunity to pitch for one of the most challenging corporate commissions. Having promoted video as an effective communications tool - the IOV's promotional video must be one of the best.

Not only is there a great cash fund available - but you'll also get the chance to play with some serious HD kit. The worthy winner will also stand to gain greatly from the exposure the IOV intends to give this video - which will replace the existing membership pack, be streamed from the IOV website - and used as the main feature of the IOV's stand at various international exhibitions. With this accumulative viewing audience, we expect this video will be viewed around 50,000 times in its first year.

The Tender deadline is 13th June - which gives members around a month to get their ideas down on paper, complete the Tender and supply all necessary documents as outlined in the news item on the IOV's website:

Any questions relating to this project can addressed to [][/email]:
or by calling 020 8502 3817.