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I'm using TitleDeko that came with Premiere and have a problem with titles over very dark video (I'm editing a theatre show). The title makes the video behind it lighter (NTSC-safe?); when it's over, I get the darker black (regular video) again. This seems to be the case whether or not I check "IRE blacklevel 7.5". This problem does not happen when I scrub, however - it seems to always be the lighter levels (again, regardless of IRE settings). Even more frustrating is that I've already done a video with similar footage and the titles are fine over the dark black. Making all settings the same between both projects hasn't helped, and neither has creating all fresh preview after changing settings. Of course, this is all due Monday...
Any help is greatfully appreciated,

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Have you tried rendering the titles independently. Maybe you could export them as an avi (preferably with alpha channel) then lay that avi on a transparency track in Premiere?

John Struhar
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