Jetway mobo & DV300

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I'm planning to upgrade my PC to Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 (266 FSB) using a Jetway 866AS-R mobo but keeping my aging Pinnacle DV300 card.
The Jetway got a good review in Personal Computer World mag this month and seems good value. The main reason I'm looking at it is because the Pinnacle website says the VIA Apollo KT266 chipset is compatible with the DV300.
Is it reasonable to assume that any motherboard with this chipset will therefore be compatible?
Has anyone any experience of the Jetway?

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In theory the KT133 chipset (the predecessor of the KT266) works with the DV200/300, however there are some motherboard which are sufficiently different from the reference design to cause problems. I expect the same from KT266 boards.

The solution is to get the MB from someone who will swap the board if it don't work.

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