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hi everyone,
i dunno if anyone has said this before but the gigabyte 7dxr will NOT work with ecc memory as it states on the website. I bought 2 x 256mb crucial pc2100 ecc reg. dimms and my computer only recognised the total 512 as 256. I emailed gigabyte and they said that its not compatible so if any of you have made the same mistake as me crucial will replace it free of charge because its a known problem! BTW ive almost got my system running now, all i need is my 1.4ghz cpu back.

heres the spec if anyones interested:
1.4ghz athlon
gigabyte 7dxr
3 x crucial 256mb pc2100 dimms
20gb + 80gb maxtor drives
2 x 80mm case fans and an exhaust fan
matrox G450 graphics card
using onboard pc128 sound
Enermax 431w psu
Thermalright sk6 with delta 6800rpm fan