JVC MiniDV tapes - 12 for £9.99

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KVJ in Whitechapel are selling JVC miniDV tapes at 12 tapes for £9.99. The tape is fine, it's just in packs of 6 as a promotion for a football match that has already happened. Inside the promtional cellophane the tape boxes aren't individually wrapped, which saves time on a big shoot.

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Here's their website. The offer Ray refers to is on the front page:


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That makes me fee real good! Sitting here with an invoice from them for £100.98 for 102 DV60 JVCs ( 84p each plus VAT) Didn't bother looking for the special offers, just needed tapes fast - so ordered them yesterday, here today and WAS very happy till I read this. Oh - well, never mind.