Kramer VS1202S synchronous switcher - no sound and faulty switch

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Joined: Jul 22 2005

I have acquired a Kramer VS1202S switcher for a future project, but it has 2 problems for which I hope another member may be able to offer some guidance.

1) No sound gets through at all. This affects all inputs, so it may be something as simple as a voltage regulator failed or an electrolytic cap gone short circuit. Has any other member encountered this problem and successfully fixed it?

2) Faulty selector switch:  The unit switches 100% correctly using the RS232 interface and K-Router software, but it is not so good when using the physical switches on the front panel. The problem is no. 1 switch in the top (bus A) line of switches -  it doesn't even click, let alone work. The result is that although any input from 1 to 12 can be switched to bus B, only 2 to 12 are available for bus A. Fairly obviously this switch should be replaced, but is it possible to still get replacement switches for an unit as old as this? Failing that, is it possible to dismantle the switch for a look inside and possibly put it right? (It might be as simple as a some dirt has got in and is restricting the movement of the parts.)

Ideas please.