KT7A-Raid Dropped Frames Stopped

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I have a ABIT KT7A-Raid with a 1100 MHz Thunderbird. I have been working to get as many issues resolved as possible regarding updated drivers from everybody. The number of drivers is too long for this message but I can expand if needed. I basically have every upgrade mentioned in these many forums.

I'm running Win2000Pro Standard PC (no ACPI), ATI AIW Radeon, IDE1 - 40 GB Maxtor 7200 rpm partitioned to C: - 10GB Win98 and D: - 30GB Win2000 both FAT32, IDE2 - Plextor CDRW, Creative DVD, PCI1-open, PCI2-Hercules Game Theater XP, PCI3-PyroPro Firewire, PCI4-Ethernet, PCI5-Modem, PCI6-Open, IDE3 Master & IDE4 Master both 40GB Maxtor's stiped to 80GB on NTFS.

After everything else working great, I still failed to export to the firewire without dropped frames. I am capturing the DV on my RAID drive perfectly. I originally had the firewire in PCI5 which shares an interrupt with the RAID. I copied the same avi file to my D: and it exported with NO dropped frames! I moved the firewire card to PCI3. Again, frames were dropped when exported from the RAID and no dropped frames when exporting from the D: drive.

I am now considering breaking the RAID array and using one of the 40GB drives on the slave of IDE1 and the other as a stand-alone drive on IDE3. Both of these drives will be NTFS to avoid the 4GB file size limit.

I hope this helps someone. If someone has other suggestions for me, I'm willing to listen.


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How on earth can anyone post a useful comment when you don't even say what editing software you are running?

If it's Adobe Premiere 6, then the first thing you should do is download the 6.0.1 updater, uninstall Premiere, re-install it from the original CD, then run the updater.

What you should then do, if you haven't done it already, is installed DirectX 8a and the DirectX 8 DV updater.

Let us know what software you are running, if not Premiere 6, and keep us abreast of developments, please.

Bob C

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I am running Ulead Media Studio Pro 6.0 with the update from their web page.

I have also installed DirectX8.0a and the DV Update.

I got one more lead from another forum that may be of help. However, I have not had a chance to try any of these yet.