Ligos bundled with Adobe 6.0?

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Awhile back, the Fast moderator suggested that Ligos and DVD-it (newer versions?) would be bundled with Adobe 6.0. This didn't happen for me, did others get them? Not really important.

I installed the old Ligos to the 6.0 setting dir. The instructions state that when I have a clip selected, and go to export clip / movie / settings, that a choice for MPEG export will be available. In my case, this does not happen. I have the 11 choices that were there before, but none are MPEG. Am I doing something wrong? I also downloaded the Ligos demo that includes SVCD support. Same results. This is the main purpose for purchasing DV.Now AV in the first place, and a new computer to make it work!

Thanks for any suggestions

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[Put it in the plugin directory, not in the settings