Liquid to Media Composer 3.0 upgrade offer

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Nigel Longman
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From time to time there are posts in the forum pondering the future direction of Avid Liquid. I saw a reference to an upgrade path from Liquid to Media Composer in a Videoguys newsletter and, out of interest, did a little searching. I found this on the Pinnacle forums: , and post it here for anyone that might be interested in following it up.

Since there are price quotes in various currencies and contact information for assistance outside the US, I presume this indicates that the offer is available world-wide.

Regards NL

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Liquidate Liquid 8, further development of Liquid - Nein!

Did you all see the Pinnacle roadmap presentation of the liquidation of Liquid 8?
To be rebranded as an ACVHD editor for videographers... - the longterm view.