Lost data on external drives

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I have seen some threads where members have lost data on external drives. This has also happened to me and one of my friends. We were able to recover the data from our drives using some software called getdataback. You can download a trial version and if it shows it can recover your data you can buy the full copy. The software can be found at www.runtime.org it comes in 2 versions, one is for NTFS and the other is for FAT32 so be sure to get the correct version. We have found it to be very reliable and I hope you will to.

As to why the drives get corrupted, in my case it was with firewire drives that didnt need drivers. I have a Maxtor one touch which has always been ok, but an Icybox was always getting corrupted when on firewire but using USB2 it has behaved very well.

I hope this helps you guys that have lost data that has taken a long time to produce.