Low-cost (£69) Lidl deal on BIG (250GByte) Maxtor IDE hard disk

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Low-cost (£69) Lidl deal on a BIG (250GByte) Maxtor IDE hard disk with 16MByte cache and three-year guarantee. Link

It's sold under Lidl's own brand but definitely is one of the latest series 10 Maxtors.

If anyone in London who grabs one wants to grab one for me too, I'd be grateful.

Bob C

And, yes, I did originally post this saying 250MByte!


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Checked in my local store Bob - all I got was blank looks! :rolleyes:

Alan Roberts
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Lidl often do this, a single load of something sells cheap in only one shop, and only until that load is sold out.

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colin rowe
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Nice one Bob

Thanks for the info Bob. Picked one up in their Barnstaple store on Saturday. The box was printed Targa HDD-250 but inside, was, as you stated a shiny Maxtor Diamondmax 10. I was just about to order one on the net when I saw your post, thanks very much you saved me at least 20 pounds.

Colin Rowe

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Pleased to know I wasn't dreaming!

Mind you, stock availability with these Lidl special offers is a major lottery, so I can't say that other postings here are much of a surprise.

Bob C