Magic Bullet Touch Given to ICA Lux Award Entry

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19 January 05

‘Again and Again’ by Oscar Stringer shown at ICA Halloween Festival

Oscar Stringer, of South Street Productions, used Magic Bullet Editors to add the finishing touches to his 6-minute short ‘Again and Again’, which was subsequently nominated for the ICA Lux Award for best Experimental Film.

The Lux Award is presented as part of the ICA’s Halloween Festival -
described as the ‘edgiest film festival in the UK: punk rock in its outlook, and uncompromising in its vision’ – which took place over 4 days of screenings in London in January 2005.

‘Again and Again’ is the story of two young women, exploring the events
leading up to their death in a car crash. It was shot with cast members from the Kipperfoot Dance Company, a well established Dance in Education company based in Cherwell, Oxfordshire.

The short was shot in Wiltshire on mini-DV with a miniscule budget of £300 and took just two days to produce, using Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

“The dark subject matter lends itself to a very distinctive look, yet this had to be achieved on a very limited budget”, said Oscar.

“I chose Magic Bullet Editors because I wanted to create a surreal visual effect that would take us into another world. MB allowed me to create a cold, stark look associated with death – and it gave my short a more film-like quality rather than the flat video look” added Oscar.

Oscar Stringer started editing eight years ago when he discovered digital video on the Apple Macintosh. Using Final Cut Pro he currently works with mini-DV but plans to move to the HDV format this year.

“I love the MB Look Suite – it provides so many different ways of giving video a film-like look and feel that would be impossible to achieve with raw DV. The effects are inspirational and shed some light on the choices made for the look of well-known feature films on much bigger budgets.” Said Oscar.

About Magic Bullet Editors
Magic Bullet Editors, a plug-in that works inside your editing application, enables filmmakers to add film treatments right on the timeline. Based on the award-winning Magic Bulletâ„¢ technology, the software delivers film stock emulation, diffusion filter, and easy-to-use film-look presets.

About Oscar Stringer
Oscar trained and worked as an actor for five years before switching career to the world of filmmaking. He has been working in schools introducing pupils to the art and craft of model animation for the last six years, and has set up courses introducing teachers to creative uses